Saturday, 16 June 2012

it has been ages...

since I published something.
But now I'm back, I was too busy with setting up my own business, start developing for iOS 5 and iPad, etc.
So it was a very hectic 1 year and a half.
I have now 8 apps on the appstore (and 1 under review) and my experiences are mixed , the free ones are very well downloaded , the payed however....
It becomes more and more difficult to be found on the AppStore, I'm currently spending more time in marketing the apps via different social media than really developing and that's a shame I think.

Anyway for those who want to know what my apps are here we go :

iSignals for iPhone , using CoreGraphics, financial integration with yahoo, PDF generation , email etc etc.

iSignals for iPad , same as above is a port from the iPhone version for iOS 5 and higher

TRACK , is an app to follow an art exhibition in Ghent, using CoreLocation, Augmented reality, GPS functionality etc (for iPad)

Equity Option Calculator , a professional option calculator for the iPhone

The 4 other apps are for Belgium only and for specific purposes.

Next time I'll discuss a bit more in depth on the different new technologies I used.

PS: You can now also follow me on Twitter via @isignals1 or become friends on Facebook.

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