Thursday, 16 April 2009

For telenet users: a telemeter application

Note: the application is updated ! It's now compatible with the new Telemeter service of Telenet (new version since July 2010)

Also available for the iPhone see following blog message .

This little application shows how much data you've downloaded/uploaded from your Telenet account.
(for the impatients : you can find the dmg here ) .

For those with an unlimited download (turbonet, fibernet) the screen will look like follows :

Installation is very easy :

1. Open the dmg file (download here) ;
2. drag and drop the folder 'Telemeter' wherever you want ;
3. Start the Telemeter v2 application.

The very first thing when you start the application a popup will come up to warn you that you need to set your telenet username/password . This can be done clicking the green user icon (on the first line on the right). And if all is oke you should see your usage.

In the screen you see also a button with an arrow (>) , if you click that you'll get the daily usage details.

The application will update the data from Telenet every 30 minutes.

Next enhancements :

1. Make a dashboard widget of it
2. Change the icon colour depending on the used bandwidth

Note: this is a first version , so please report any bugs to me (via blog or email). Comments are also welcome of course.


I made the following enhancements :

1. you see in the tray bar (system menu bar) the percentage used :

2. In the dock , the icon will also show the percentage used

3. several small bugfixes

UPDATE 2: just found out that I have some memory leaks, will solve them ASAP.

UPDATE 3 : memory leaks solved + some minor improvements

UPDATE 4 : major enhancements

UPDATE 5 : Currently (5 May) telemeter service is down

UPDATE 6: We are 7th of May and the telemeter service is still down. And this in Internet age....

UPDATE 7: And now they've changed the protocol.... pff they really annoy me. I changed the XML processing , so it works again

UPDATE 8: Application rewritten because Telenet has changed completely the webservice


  1. Werkt niet meer, denk dat er een update is gebeurt bij Telenet?

  2. Correct, programma is aangepast

  3. Toch wel een heel leuke tool !
    Werkt ook perfect onder Snow Leopard.

  4. werkt niet, ik krijg het dmg bestand niet geopend...

  5. Wat bedoel je met "krijg het bestand niet geopend".
    Heb je een foutmelding ?

  6. Heb je er toevallig een iphone versie van of het is mischien nog een leuke toepassing?

  7. Bedankt hiervoor zal ik zeker gebruik van maken !

  8. super APP, echt, saves the day. ben op 92 % op 5 dagen tijd... nu even dimmen met DLen dus ... :(
    thanks man !

  9. Geweldige applicatie! Bedankt voor het werkt dat je hier insteekt. Ondanks de wispelturigheid van Telenet zelve.

  10. Simpel, goed, efficiƫnt, doet wat moet. Great job!