Friday, 4 December 2009

Its finally there

After months of hard work and a long review process by Apple, my first iPhone application is finally accepted on the AppStore.

iSignals, for the active investor. This application integrates with an proprietary investment engine , this investment engine holds a computer-generated portfolio with more than 17000 equities on 28 different stockmarkets and with 9 years of historical data. 

On the daily basis the engine generates computer managed portfolios with buy&sells of those equities (portfolio's are organized per market).

The engine is based on a combination of technical analysis models, artificial intelligence (pattern detection) and a neural network.

Via iSignals the user can subscribe to one or more computer managed portfolio's and as such receiving the buy/sells from the engine.

The user can now use those computer generated signals as a guidance in his investment decisions.

The advantage of the application is that the user can consult the engine's portfolio's wherever he wants and whenever he wants. The user can also consult quote data for each instrument (data from on his iPhone/iPod Touch.

You can find it here

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