Sunday, 28 December 2008

HelloWorld ?!? That was something

In the previous blog their where a few oddies that need some explanation :

In a typical Cocoa application you have what they call outlets and actions. And a view (=window) is connected to a controller.

Now an action is something you connected from the view to the controller. 
While an outlet is something you connect from the controller to the view.

A textfield, a list and so on are typically outlets because the controller will fill them. Buttons, comboboxes etc are more action oriented.

Something special is also the awakeFromNib function. As you see , I've added the code to initialize the textfield with HelloWorld in this function.

The awakeFromNib function can be seen as a placeholder where you can add initialization code to your GUI after the GUI is loaded. 

In a next blogmessage , I will publish a more complex application (well yeah , complex for the beginner)

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